Cyprus is an important hub in the heart of the Mediterranean at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia, Cyprus is diverse, culturally rich and perfectly placed for working and traveling within and beyond the European Union.

The economy is rapidly recovering from a recent recession through significant activities in the shipping, tourism, legal and financial services sectors, and has also seen a surge in foreign investments and developments, property, and investment values.



Southeastern Europe, island in the Mediterranean Sea



Time Difference

UTC +2

Total Area

9.251 Km2

Age Demographics

0-14: 15.6%, 15-24: 14.4%, 25-54: 47.0%, 55-64: 11.3%, 65+: 11.7%


Greek (official): 80.9%, Turkish (official): 0.2%, English: 4.1%, Other: 14.8%

Government Type



Euro (EUR)



Population growth rate 0.81%

32.651 Usd

Gdp (Per Capacita)
Gdp (Purchase Power Parity)
29,26 Billion Usd


Visa – Free Countries

Cyprus boasts a rich and diverse culture, a mild Mediterranean climate, a safe and stable setting ideal for raising families, and a perfect location for business and travelling.

Why Choose Cyprus?

  • Wonderful climate and a healthy environment;
  • Safe and comfortable life;
  • High standard of living;
  • High level of education and professional expertise;
  • Investment opportunities;
  • Friendly and stable business environment for investors;
  • Low formation fees;
  • Financial and Tax Benefits;
  • Stable legal and tax environment;
  • Double tax treaties with more than 55 countries;
  • Full member of European Union;
  • Member of United Nations;
  • Friendly local people;
  • Use of English and Greek language.

Why Choose Limassol?

  • Limassol is Cyprus’ investment hub;
  • Ideally located no more than 45 minutes from all cities & airports in Cyprus;
  • Limassol combines the safe, high standard relaxed lifestyle of an island and the opportunities of a European metropolitan city with a multicultural population;
  • Along the 17 km long sandy beaches;
  • Two Marinas;
  • International Private schools & University;
  • Excellent healthcare;
  • Limassol holds key role to the economy of Cyprus and is a major contributor to the island’s GDP;
  • Fast growing city in terms of residential, retail and office space;
  • Port / cruise hub.