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With a perceptive insight into exceptional real estate investment opportunities, DTA is at the very forefront of the prestige property market in Cyprus. Since 2004 we have been creating up-market, contemporary lifestyle and corporate habitat choices for discerning buyers from around the world.

Our philosophy has always been not to ‘mass produce’, but to develop unique projects every time. Our portfolio of current and completed properties demonstrates that we have the vision to make every DTA Developments project stand out as a fresh new perspective on what cosmopolitan European living and working truly represents.

Unsurprisingly, many of our developments and individual properties have received awards and accolades for their outstanding presentation, because we have an in-depth understanding of what the modern, discerning home buyer or corporate property specialist is looking for. These awards prove that we know what buyers want, and we give them that… and much more.


Property Management 

DTA approaches property management from an owner’s perspective; delivering unparalleled service, asset management, and tangibly reducing real estate investment risk.

Properties managed by us outperform the competition in every way… with a better-calibre tenant, higher rental income, consistently high tenant satisfaction and superb tenant retention rates. We have the skill and knowledge to assess a property and implement the right strategy to maximize its value.

Our property management specialists offer a full range of services to individual, corporate and institutional real estate owners, including asset management, property management, marketing and leasing, development and redevelopment, acquisition and disposal, finance and accounting, renovation and remodeling and maintenance and repair.

We work closely with each client to identify their current needs and to devise innovative solutions to achieve short – and long-term investment goals. By combining owners’ goals and objectives with our property – management expertise, we add quantifiable value to real estate.

A leading property sales and marketing organization with extensive after-sales support 

Since 2004 our experience in the Limassol and Cyprus real estate market, DTA has been responsible for some of the most significant property sales in the city and surrounding area. We know that collaboration ensures a smooth process, with nothing left to chance – so our range of services is comprehensive and professional.

We are a full-service, residential, commercial and multipurpose project sales organization. Our strength lies in seeing projects through from start to finish; providing expert management every step of the way, and giving clients a service that is unmatched in the industry. This can encompass everything from off-plan or completed property purchase, to design refinements and development, through to settlement and property management.

We bring a distinct advantage with our in-depth, sophisticated understanding of the local and regional markets that enables us to guide and advise clients from the moment they consider a purchase. We also ensure that every stage of the process – right through to post-sales support – is efficient and friendly.

At DTA we understand the true meaning of getting a residential property ‘right’, and we distinguish ourselves through our ability to maximize value for our clients.

Legal and Financial Overview 

For many people, the prospect of buying or selling property can be a daunting task. But at DTA, we do all we can to simplify and streamline the process so that clients can just enjoy their idyllic home in Cyprus and beyond.

In all countries, there are processes and procedures that must be followed so as to ensure the smooth flow of any transaction to acquire (or dispose of) immovable property. To assist clients, we offer professional, unbiased and sound advice as to how to proceed with the minimum of disruption and delay.

We are not lawyers, or accountants, and we always recommend that clients use the services of a professional. We work with some of the most respected professionals in the country, so we can put clients in touch with a reputable practitioner — one who will work with you to ensure that your property dealings are accurate and well structured.

We will help and guide in matters relating to most aspects associated with buying property and residing in the country, including:

• Residential Permits
• Immigration Permits
• Property Ownership
• Financing your Propert

• Guaranteed Title Deeds
• Property Taxes & Fees
• Tax Advantages

• Double Taxation Agreements
• Duty-Free Privileges
• Selling your Property

Client Satisfaction 

DTA is committed to providing a first-class service in every respect. So it goes without saying that full client satisfaction is vital.

To ensure that we keep our promises to our clients, we follow a wide-reaching set of guidelines that help us make sure every client experiences the very best service. As a client you can be certain that:

Our team is trained to understand their responsibilities, and to know exactly what client service means.

We will provide all the information you need to help you make an informed decision about buying your chosen property.

Our sales team will always be on hand to answer your questions.

We will make you aware of all the options available to you.

We will provide accurate and truthful information in all our marketing and advertising material.

Our contract-of-sale terms and conditions are fair and clearly set out.

Information about the timing, (our best estimate) of construction, legal completion and handover of the property will be provided. Once a completion date is confirmed we will offer you a walk-through of the property.

Our after-sales and client service procedures will be explained to you in detail.

You are guaranteed to receive your title deeds soon after completion.

Procedures in place for dealing with any problems – particularly those concerning defects and warranties – and that we will cooperate fully with appropriately-qualified professional advisors.

Looking Ahead 

While the construction industry has seen numerous changes over the years, the set of principles and values upon which DTA was founded has not. These values combine dedication, hard work, and quality craftsmanship, and are instilled in each of our employees. With a sense of pride in our past, and an eye toward the future, DTA is committed to building enduring relationships with clients, founded upon trust and integrity.

However, we cannot move forward without knowing about our past performance. Therefore we initiate comprehensive research that helps us better understand our clients and potential clients – this provides a detailed knowledge-base of likes and dislikes, expectations and hopes.

With this information we can focus on promoting and developing our strengths and take action to correct any weaknesses; opportunities are often identified where we can improve our offerings services and become more efficient. By studying client responses to commissioned market research we come to understand client perspectives exceptionally well, and it is frequently possible to pinpoint new business opportunities.

Armed with the results of our latest market research, we are planning many more exciting and ambitious projects that are at the cutting edge of design and construction techniques; these will enrich the architecture of Limassol’s modern ‘face’, and further elevate the reputation of DTA.


Nothing gives more pleasure than to receive an accolade from a client, or from one’s peers. And we are pleased to say that we receive both, regularly. Satisfying customer needs takes top priority at DTA — it always has, and always will.



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