Capitalising on our expertise in industrial and commercial construction projects, DTA has the capability and competence to undertake construction and engineering works related to wind farms and solar energy facilities.

Whether we’re evaluating, building, expanding, or maintaining a facility, we have the experience and resources to maximise efficiencies during the construction phases, and throughout the facility’s operation. We can assist clients to determine the optimal site location, scale, materials, and construction methods to meet their needs, and we continually work to increase client return on investment.


Solar Systems

We provide value-for-money construction services for firms entering the solar energy sector – from compact sites to large-scale projects.

Wind Farms

We help clients engineer and construct wind farms of any scale and in any location.

Industry Hi-Technology

By maintaining a constant focus on technology and industry innovation, we are able to construct the most effective and socially responsible renewable energy solutions to help meet the challenges of the world’s changing energy demands.