Guru Chalets
from €1,900,000

With a new take on the traditional, Guru’s Chalets present beautiful vistas of the surrounding forests and nearby mountains from their spacious deck areas – while the interior styling reflects a special and unique flair. A Scandinavian look is characterized by a focus on functionality and simplicity, with natural highlights of timber establishing a perfect connection to nature.

Property Schedule

Property Energy Class: A
Type:Beds:Total m² NetTotal m² GrossAvailability
C13 + 1 staff room304397.6Available
C23 + 1 staff room294408.6Available
C33 + 1 staff room303438.6Available
C43 + 1 staff room306415.6Available
C53 + 1 staff room299404.6Available
C63 + 1 staff room307408.6Available
C73 + 1 staff room296385.6Available
C83 + 1 staff room294392.6Available
C93 + 1 staff room306450.6Available
C103 + 1 staff room296462.6Available
C113 + 1 staff room317416.6Available
Guru Chalets


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Guru Chalets

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