Chill Apartments

Chill Apartments are a stunning representation of contemporary Mediterranean architecture – a sanctuary for all who make their home here. Cleverly planned with wide glazed frontages to welcome natural light and panoramic views into each residence, Chill’s sophisticated open plan layouts provide the freedom to add your own personal touches. Private balconies are where you can soak up the sun and the laid-back vibes of coastal living.

Property Schedule

Property Energy Class: A
Type:Beds:Total m² NetTotal m² GrossAvailability
Apt. 1012 + 1 Staff room104139.2Sold
Apt. 1022 + 1 Staff room138182.4Available
Apt. 1032 + 1 Staff room149194.7Not Available
Apt. 2013 + 2 Staff room281374.3Sold
Apt. 2032 + 1 Staff room148193.7Not Available
Apt. 3012 + 1 Staff room104139.2Sold
Apt. 3022 + 1 Staff room142186Sold
Apt. 3032 + 1 Staff room153198.7Not Available
Apt. 4012 + 1 Staff room134178.8Sold
Apt. 4022 + 1 Staff room137181.4Sold
Apt. 6015 + 2 Staff rooms7251072.1Sold
Chill Apartments


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Chill Apartments

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