Sabai Apartments
from €3,750,000 + VAT

Sabai apartments feature fresh, neutral tones enhanced by abundant natural light from large floor-to-ceiling windows that showcase spectacular views of the sea and adjacent Marina. A holistic design ethos is evident as you move through each apartment. Every colour, texture and finish has been carefully selected to create a relaxed and ambient atmosphere. No matter which room you are in, you will always feel connected to the stunning natural environment that surrounds you.

Property Schedule

Property Energy Class: A
Type:Beds:Total m² NetTotal m² GrossAvailability
Apt. 1013 + 1 staff room296424Available
Apt. 2013 + 1 staff room299427Sold
Apt. 4014 + 1 staff room583859.5Sold
Apt. 5013 + 1 staff room295423Sold
Apt. 6013 + 1 staff room295423Available
Apt. 8013 + 1 staff room426743Sold
Sabai Apartments


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Sabai Apartments

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