Alpine Sky Houses

Inspired by a passion for absolute quality, the serene Alpine theme at Guru is highlighted by the gracefully individual style of the residences. Villas are set apart from the main complex and combine intensely modern lines with contemporary décor whilst enjoying magical mountain views.

Property Schedule

Property Energy Class: A
Type:Beds:Total m² NetTotal m² GrossAvailability
13 + 1 staff room400759.6Sold
23 + 1 staff room402721.6Sold
33 + 1 staff room387829.4Sold
43 + 1 staff room376705.4Available
53 + 1 staff room378773.4Sold
63 + 1 staff room382738.4Sold
73 + 1 staff room400816.4Available
Alpine Sky Houses


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Alpine Sky Houses

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