Bliss Apartments

Thoughtfully designed to ensure that every element of Bliss complements the others, the apartments represent the new levels of urban apartment living. Great attention to detail can be found throughout this boutique project – reflecting its upper-class residential status. Featuring large balconies and extensive full-height glazing, each apartment is light and airy. And all Bliss apartments offer the potential for personal expression that will identify owners as self-assured individuals with style and taste.

Property Schedule

Property Energy Class: A
Type:Beds:Total m² NetTotal m² GrossAvailability
Apt. 1012196199Available
Apt. 10218588Sold
Apt. 2012155159Sold
Apt. 2021104108Sold
Apt. 3012159163Sold
Apt. 3022156160Sold
Bliss Apartments


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Bliss Apartments

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