Meet….Cyprus via #DTA!

Meet….Cyprus via #DTA! #LIMASSOL ZOO is one of the biggest in Europe and hosts beautiful and interesting animals, equally attractive to the public. The zoo is located on the coastal road of Limassol. Specially designed natural-looking habitats were created for all types of animals residing at the zoo. All species are well taken care of and are given the required attention and love, as well as proper nutrition. Guests can enjoy their stroll and grab the opportunity to take a close look at the animals in a pleasant environment, since all safety regulations are observed. By visiting this small modern Zoo, visitors will have the chance to view remarkable, beautiful and interesting animals, birds and reptiles from all continents. Limassol zoo also features a natural history museum and an educational centre, which frequently screens films on wildlife and nature.  The zoo includes a special designated area for children as well. Visit our website to find your property in Limassol or call us at +357 80008383

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Meet….Cyprus via #DTA!

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