Working with interior designers, ZDUAT, we provide superior craſtsmanship for ourresidential and commercial projects.

DTA in collaboration with ZDUAT can deliver creative yet practical and cost-effective interior design solutions for residential or commercial buildings. Our design team is always up to date on modern trends, whilst also highly knowledgeable on all aspects of conventional or traditional styles. This means that we have the skills and experience to enable us to release the potential of any space. Indeed, the concept of ‘space-planning’ is recognised as a significant factor in any interior design project. However, an abundance of creativity is often not enough… we also have a deep-rooted understanding of the practical aspects of interior design. And this core skill allows us to deliver truly effective, workable rooms and buildings that can be calm & relaxing, minimalist & functional, vibrant & dynamic… or whatever a client desires.


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A Successful Ability

The key to our success is an overriding ability to manage a project from end to end. The interior design team consults with clients to ensure that we are both clear as to the objectives, we then plan every detail —from top to bottom. Final delivery is crutial, and we liaise carefully with our renovation team to make sure that every detail is taken care of, and matches our client’s specifications… That all the boxes are ticked. We will cast a new light on a property to enhance both value and lifestyle, and we believe in commitment, quality workmanship and cost-effectiveness.