GURU RESORT – PLATRES Thanks to all the Stakeholders and any potential clients of GURU RESORT PLATRES ! DTA Group would like to send sincere gratitude to our stakeholders of GURU RESORT in Pano Platres for their patience, support and trust they have shown throughout the last few months. We also thank all our partners for their help and guidance in order to truthfully present the facts that secure the Environmental Authority Opinion. Your support encourages our continual commitment to reach our goals of successfully delivering major large-scale and novel projects across all sectors in Cyprus and abroad. This creates opportunities for economic and social growth, as well as community cohesion. At DTA we are delighted to move forward with the GURU RESORT PLATRES. The entire project is strategically designed to reserve the countryside and maintain tranquillity with expected completion date end of 2024. This will be the biggest most exclusive and well-designed project that respects the environment and makes the existing area of Platres the new destination, inviting and welcoming new clients too. This is a promise! Thank you again, DTA Group Find more info at Call us at our free phone +357 8000838

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