Buying A Property
In Cyprus

The process of purchasing property in Cyprus is very simple, especially when compared to other countries. DTA will help you with every step, assisting you with anything that you may need.

Buying Procedure In Cyprus

  1. Find Your Property
  2. Residency Requirements
  3. Conclusion of the preliminary contract
  4. Open a Cypriot Bank Account
  5. Preparation of the sale contract
  6. Document registration
  7. Completion of mutual settlements
  8. Obtaining of the Title Deed

Freehold Properties

Guaranteed Title Deeds

Best Locations

Residency Possibilities

Legal and Finance

We aim to simplify and streamline the buying process. To assist clients, we offer unbiased and sound advice as to how to proceed with the minimum of disruption and delay. We outsource all legal work to well-respected legal and financial professionals, who work with our clients to ensure that their property dealings are accurate and well structured.

Sales and After Sales

As a full-service sales organization, our strength lies in seeing projects through from beginning to end—providing clients with an unmatched service. Typically, we offer everything from off-plan or completed property purchase, to interior design, final completion and hand-over—ensuring that every stage of the process is efficient and friendly.

Property Management

Many DTA clients purchase a property specifically for its rental income. Our Property Management team will focus on identifying and maximising the financial returns for those clients. No matter where a property may be—local or overseas—the team has the skills and knowledge to evaluate that property and devise the right strategy to fully meet its income potential. The team will also manage and maintain properties to ensure that they remain in peak condition, and therefore optimise their resale value.