DTA Overview

The DTA Construction & Developments has a long and proud history, and it’s a highly-respected multifaceted organization.

Enormously successful in the Cyprus luxury real estate and construction industry, the group is active in three core business areas – each engaged it its own area of expertise and specialisation.

DTA is a leading real estate development and property management company, which works with individual and corporate clients who are seeking the most suitable property type or location to suit their respective needs.

DTA , also focuses on high-quality building construction, property renovation, road works and interior design. Respected as master craftsmen of residential property, the company also has close relations with the shipping industry as well as the emerging oil and gas sectors.

At the upper levels of the property market, DTA has enjoyed continuing demand for its super-luxury homes – both as residences and for investments. It is in this sector of the market that the group has been, and continues to be, very successful; devising, designing and constructing individual villas or small, exclusive clusters of premium-priced properties that are attractive to a select group of discerning buyers.

DTA employs a business growth strategy that begins with market insight – at which we excel. The company is committed to a policy of growth and diversification that utilizes the strengths and expertise of its core management team.

The Directors

Thanasis Athanasiou


I am delighted to present a group of companies that is built to last — that is proud to be in an elite category of construction-related firms that look ever forward, ever upward.

It is no accident that we continually deliver the right development and construction solutions – from residential and multipurpose, to retail, commercial, industrial and warehousing – because the process we follow is well-researched and superbly refined to ensure that what we design, build and offer satisfies and delights every client.

Our successes have earned us accolades and awards, and come from a strong commitment to a core set of beliefs. We believe in individuality, quality, innovation — and in our reputation.

Our individuality is inspired by visionary international and Cypriot architects and engineers, and quality is a deep-rooted belief whereby we deliver a finished product that demonstrates quality in every form and at every touch-point. Our innovative use of the latest, highest standards in sustainable construction techniques, materials and finishes means that our projects demonstrate ‘community’ concepts that are models for the future. And because our business carries our family name, everything we do must reinforce our reputation for honesty and integrity.

On a more personal level, my vision for the future anticipates a fundamental change in the way we use land and physical resources. We must strive for the right balance between built environment and natural world: without controlled growth, there will be no future. There must be a realigning of values in which people will have space to live, work and relax, but also open spaces that offer peace and calm, to bring humankind closer to nature.

Going forward, I see more emphasis on enlightened urban planning, on clearer regulation to encourage investment, and on better-structured educational buildings to attract overseas students. There is a need for inspirational thinking that will influence how we build for the future — we need to attract dynamic young talent with the ability to think outside of the box.

I have been fortunate to have worked with many outstanding associates: owners, developers, subcontractors, and employees who have helped make what we do safe, challenging, and personally satisfying. I enjoy every moment in this business, and strive to have all those around me feeling the same.

Zarina Dudnikova

General Manager

My role as General Manager at DTA and owner / chairman of Duat keeps me close to the action, with a primary responsibility for managing the marketing resources of the group that is reinforced by my degrees in Management and in Law.

Added to that, as a committed people person – with experience in executive property management, general agency sales, corporate and project marketing, and client service – I have a great affinity with our international buyers and investors, and can provide the extra support and understanding needed to help them make an informed decision on a property.

Also as a people person, part of my role is as the public face of the group – engaging in promotional and public relations activities that present and enhance the image and professionalism of the group, and all that it stands for. At conferences, exhibitions and events around Europe, I enjoy promoting property sales, services and offerings.

With a vision and passion for innovative property development in Cyprus, I’m actively involved at all stages of each project – from concept and planning, to construction and final handover. A marketing professional, I can also see things from the client’s perspective, so am able to ensure that the group delivers to clients exactly what they want.

Excellent Complementary Service Offerings

The concept behind DTA structure is that its divisions perfectly complement one another — one enhances the other.

DTA creates a concept, finds the ideal location, designs a project, and puts together a marketing and sales plan to interest clients. They work in close liaison with our construction division, DTA Construction, which undertakes all the hands-on road works, civil engineering, construction, and associated work to get a project completed on time, to budget and to strict quality standards.

DTA Developments division comes into the picture once more — providing a full range of after-sales services, from property management and maintenance to rentals and resale.

Corporate Commitments

DTA management systems underpin our determined commitment to promoting and supporting sustainability within the group and the wider community, and through these systems we ensure that all projects are completed successfully, and are wholly sustainable.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety at Work is a major priority for the group, and our strong safety record is a key competitive advantage.

We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and positive working environment for all our employees and those who come under our care. We aim to eliminate all accidents that result in fatality or that permanently alters a person’s life, and to minimize – and ultimately eliminate – all lost-time accidents on our sites.

Our safety management team undertakes regular safety audits of every project to ensure their compliance with the safety policy and international certification OHSAS18001:2007 for the group’s health and safety system.


We are always aware of the impact that our work can have on the environment, and as such, environmental management is an important element of our project management and reporting systems. We understand that there is no ‘magic formula’, and our efforts focus on leaving a smaller environmental footprint through conservation of resources.
The group follows a strict environmental policy that ensures that all relevant laws and regulations are adhered to, and takes all practicable steps to prevent pollution and conserve resources through the efficient use of energy and materials. We are certified to ISO14001:2004.


We fully endorse and support the practical application of sustainable design and construction. It is an opportunity for us to use valuable resources more efficiently, while creating healthier and more energy-efficient homes. For us, sustainable building and design involves finding the right balance between structures and their environment.


DTA recognizes that wherever we operate we are essentially a guest of the local community, and we always strive to minimize any impact of our work on residents and their quality of life.

We encourage interaction with the local communities who may be affected by our work. And as part of our commitment to supporting communities, the group offers financial and hands-on support for community-driven initiatives that provide the maximum benefits for local residents.


In all cases, we adopt a totally professional approach to our undertakings. It is our policy to deliver a superior service by understanding and responding to client needs and expectations, and to efficiently manage projects in order to maximize value for all stakeholders.

Our quality system is accredited ISO9001:2008. This comprehensive certification provides objective and thoroughly documented evidence of performance and conformity to all regulatory and contractual obligations.

Taking pride in our people

DTA employs over 2,000 people in different fields and on different projects. Our employees are at the core of our success and we go out of our way to hire the right people and to provide a working environment that engenders loyalty, company pride, mutual respect and career growth and attainment.

As we have grown and developed we have focussed on employing energetic young people full of enthusiasm and new ideas, along with qualified staff with the skills and experience that adds a solid dimension to our team. Our recruiting policy follows a meticulous and conscientious procedure, and we develop our core competencies through on-going training and appraisal activities. And to augment this regular skill and personal development training, we also place great emphasis on mentorship – where senior people share their knowledge and experience.